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Let Anglia manage your low cost parts, reduce errors and streamline your supply chain with Anglia 80/20, a web-based, real-time inventory management system.

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Quick Overview

Reduce cost
Zero start-up and zero inventory management costs. Grow quickly and scale rapidly to exploit demand spikes.

Inventory tracking
Track stock and manage inventory, no more under or overstocking using our intuitive traffic light system.

Reduce lead-time
Zero lead-time, with instant accessibility of your commodity components. Giving you the competitive advantage.

Flexibility in the Supply Chain

Anglia 80/20 offers a new level of flexibility in the supply chain, giving instant access to inventory of your commodity components on an invoice usage basis. There are no start-up costs with Anglia 80/20, customers receive an agreed level of inventory on regularly used commodity components all instantly accessible on site. The level of inventory is scaled according to forecast demands and invoiced only what is used.

Customers can track component usage in real-time through an intuitive web-based dashboard, eradicating the need for manually updated usage reports. Replenishment can be set as daily, weekly or monthly with monthly consolidated invoicing if required. With our 'Single scan' booking system users can book in a delivery quickly and error free.


Web-Based, Real-Time
Inventory Management

No service charges or setup costs, all you will need to do is have a chat about your requirements, quantities and usage, then leave the rest to us. You simply need to have an online computer in your distribution centre.

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